All posts for the month May, 2021

Oz at Tel Aviv zoo coming to say hello

Honu chasing some horses for me on Rapa Nui

Flaco my horse on Rapa Nui

Hana Iti before a hurricane took it

Pool at Hana Iti

Dale Miquelle photographing Vladimir Krouglov and his big Siberian tiger

Sean and member of Bishop Museum expedition, Aakapa Bay, Nuku Hiva

Very poisonous snake in Niue’s fringing reef, swims and goes on land

With Bishop Museum group on my first time to Marquesas, sleeping on deck

warren wagner of Smithsonian behind in bare torso. An assortment of entomologists, usually the gentlest types, botanists, ethnobotanists

Beryl, my first horse on Ua Huka